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From medicinal to restaurants, we are looking to expand our operation to support you. 

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Such an admired agricultural good… and it fits right in!

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Taste and Aroma

We strive to achieve the highest level of quality we can produce.  Through careful nurturing, precise handling and a critical approach we have match pace with the highest producers in the world.

Our Products

Premium Saffron to fit your Taste.

Each of our products are prepared with your need and budget in mind.  Three options to meet your needs, taste, flavor and aroma profile.

Premium Choice

This is our select product, using only the richest color and aromatic portion of the saffron.

Premium Length

Using the entire saffron stigma, you get the full profile it offers.

Premium Flavor

Flavor is all you desire? The lighter end of the stigma carries the flavor and aroma profile of saffron without the color character.  

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Be the first to tell us how good it is!

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Be the first to tell us how good it is!

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The Meraki Team

Two families as one putting our heart and soul in all we do!


Dirt Quality Analyst

Brayson Beck is a 7th grader enrolled at New Home ISD that is involved in youth group, 4-H, FFA, and all school related sports. He is 13 years old, and sometimes uses his brain to be smart. Brayson loves competing in anything, and he does his best and gives God the rest.


Executive Flower Smeller

Adelynn loves unicorn, lamacorns and anything corns!  Her favorite color is sky blue and she loves ice cream.  She takes her job smelling the flowers seriously.  Not a single one passes without her endorsement!


Head of Microbial Operations

If I had all the free time in the world, I would play video games, I would play Throw Throw Burrito, and I would play with my dog, Junie. I am a 4th grader at NHISD and I have many friends there. I live for the summer. Life is great being the middle child. I’ll keep this life!


Supervisor Ag Equipment Parking

Braxton is a sophomore at New Home ISD.  He has been involved in many things including 4H, FFA and many more.  Braxton Enjoys working on anything that runs and drives (and some that don’t) and has a love for playing football and power lifting.


Chief Manure Spreader

Karl has always desired a life in farming… with a last name like “McDonald” how can you blame him.  If it is outside, he probably loves it.  He looks forward to any day he can spend with his wife and kiddos.  Karl also loves working with his church family and guiding youth to experience a relationship with God in the fullest!


Controller Water Evaporation

Growing saffron can be fun and challenging at the same time.  There’s a lot of bonding time but with that time also comes work.


Lead Attitude Instructor

Laughter is the best medicine and I choose to take that medicine daily. I am married to a Spicy Saffron man and I get to help him take care of our three blessings. Saffron has taught us that being together is a treat and that we should treat life delicately. Take time to stop and smell the flowers. What a blessing Saffron has been to our family. I know it will only get better from here.


Manager of Areal Insect Visitation

Andy has been a software engineer for John Deere since 2001. He enjoys technology and provides helpful tips whenever someone needs advice. Away from work, he follows his 3 boys in their many endeavors from church to any-and-every sport to FFA to 4H. He is currently the New Home Little League president.


Marketing Lead for UHF Communications

Lyneil is a Christian, a wife, a mother, a librarian, a taxi to her children, a sports fanatic where the Leopards are involved, a daughter to amazing parents, and can often be found chasing herself in circles. She loves the work and bonding that growing saffron has provided. She enjoyed watching her boys and saffron grow and thanks God for both daily.


Foreman Organic Air Application

You could call me a Jesus loving, Jr High, reading, 4-H active dude. Saffron has taught me that things don’t come easily. We put a LOT of work into our Saffron. It takes a lot of us and it has helped me find an appreciation for “things”.

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